The Daily Haiku

A world of five - seven - five. At one time daily, now kind of sporadic.

April 30, 2009

Current theme: Opposed

The voices that scream
Try to force an opinion
A perceived action

The voices that speak
Using guile and charisma
To alter the mind

The voices that whisper
Manipulate from shadows
Embrace deception

The voices silent
Walk the path, not through blind words
But through demonstration

April 29, 2009

Current theme: That cold, cold rain

Walking through gale winds
A torrent tears through the sky
The rain stings my face

Chilly comparison
To the last few toasty days
The heat falls to the cold

April 28, 2009

Current theme: O is for Ophelia (from Hamlet)

For ABC Wednesday

The girl slowly slides
From the brink of sanity
At the loss of love

Foul manipulation
The choice to forever dance
In the dark water

Ophelia, the form
Of hopeless love and its loss
Despair's incarnation

April 24, 2009

Current theme: Say it with me...

"You are a slacker"
Where are all of those haikus?
Sitting in my head! ;)

April 10, 2008

Current theme: Blue

The chilly feeling
A prime color on the wheel
Quite still and tranquil

April 9, 2009

Current theme: Orange

Such a warm color
Median of red and yellow
The citrus spirit!

April 8, 2009

Current theme: L is for (The River) Lethe (of Greek Mythology)

For ABC Wednesday

Along the lone banks
The cloudy river runs cold
Why do I sit here?

The sky hazy gray
No wind, no sound, no voices
Only the river's flow

Lethe commands the mind
A trial before returning
Cleanse the memories

But the past is mine!
Why can I not remember?
Knowledge of my life?

I would rather drink
From the holiest river
Known as Mnemosyne

Mnemosyne awakens
All of the past memories
Maybe omniscience?

April 7, 2009

Current theme: Disconnect

As those old bonds fade
The blinded eyes begin to clear
But the loss remains

'Time will heal all wounds'
The lie in the parable
Some wounds never heal

As these old bonds fade
The ghosts whisper one more time
Then they will fade too

As sad as it seems
It is just the nature of change
And change begets new bonds

Like walking through fire
These new bonds emerge stronger
Ever evolving

April 6, 2009

Current theme: Clouds

The puffy white clouds
Make images in the sky
Nature's picture book

April 1, 2009

Current theme: K is for Kidding around (April Fools Day!)

For ABC Wednesday

Practical jokes
Gas bladder that's on the chair
The classics live on!