The Daily Haiku

A world of five - seven - five. At one time daily, now kind of sporadic.

Way of Change

Something a little different than a haiku today:

The ant that grasps the quartered leaf
Walking the trail on its endless journey
The bee that buzzes quickly by
Searching out pollen to make new honey
The bird that's perched in the poplar tree
Singing of its dream from the night just passed
The calico cat relaxed but very alert
Watches the bird from the window sill ledge
The beagle runs through green yard
Chasing a butterfly just out of reach
A light wind blankets the land
Stirring the leaves into a frenzied spiral
Each cloud that drifts lazily
Forms alter to something always new
Ocean wave by ocean wave, the shore changes lines
The sand is shaped into new ideas
The softly rising sun, rays shining on
Warms the myriad species sunning on the rocks
Every rotation of the planet, day to night to day
An inch of revolution, as the moon changes phase
Burning core of hydrogen, helium slowly born
The star continues burning, a brightly glowing orb
Constellations shift over thousands of years
Familiar images alter to new allegories
Slowly the spiral spins outward, growing in massive light
The galaxy marches onward through the dark heart of night

May 26, 2010

The Sun's shining rays
Warming this tired body
Soon to be dog days?

The droning buzz calls
As Locust sing in the trees
The song of long days

Hazy and humid
Reminiscent of a sauna
These oppressing days

Beautiful weather
Enforces the positive
Energizing days

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May 7, 2010

The end of the week
The weekend soon to be here
In time to relax

Tyler Park calling
Maybe I'll go trail blazing
Walking through the trees

Or some spring cleaning?
The dust of Winter collects
Time to air it out

Maybe kayaking?
But I don't have the boat yet
Still need more research

Then I will traverse
Waterways in a fun state
Enjoy the Summer!

April 28, 2010

Into the river
Constant flow of the water
The shallows deepen

Wading and watching
A shadow breaks the surface
And my line goes out

Slowly drift on by
My fake, floating tied mayfly
Will the fish strike it?

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April 22, 2010

Romanesque Ideals
Create the perfect figure
In Holy Aspect

Paint it as it is
The truth in nature and man
No embellishment

Flee Reality
Embrace the Fantastic view
While dreams take their form

Emotion is All
Reaction to awareness
Of our existence

Artist's interpretation
Of our condition

April 16, 2010

Too long to let that
Ancient spirit pass me by
Whisper in the wind

And the crow might fly
Under billowing white clouds
Whirling through the sky

Seeking for a roost
In trees long thought to be dead
Yet their flowers bloom

Mixing shades of red
Against angled and brown bark
This birds's quiet 'stead

Rest the back upon
The trunk of that sleeping tree
Feel the earth below

Yearning to be free
From what rivers there may be
Running to the sea

February 12, 2010

With each step I take
I run farther from the old
Methods of thinking

Running from shadows
Past lives that still try to haunt
The periphery

These eyes stare forward
Never to look back again
So hard to discern

Swirling mists obscure
The path that still lies ahead
I'll find my own way

With light from my soul
Internal alchemy calls
For growth and movement

Footsteps with no sound
This quiet path leads onward
Dampness chills the bones

This causeway widens
As multiple paths beckon
Edge of the crossroads

Each path a journey
And the road behind crumbles
I'll walk 'til I find

That lost place I seek
Somewhere in obscuring mists
Take the left hand path

Remember this split
If it takes one thousand lifetimes
I'll rewalk these roads

Never looking back
Beyond the desolate past
Always push forward

Even when blinded
Searching for the way ahead
I will never fall

December 23, 2009

Blustery movement
Even wrapped in such warm clothes
The chill still sets in

Sunny yet windy
Warmth denied by icy hands
Old Man Winter waves

Every step taken
Battle to gain a foothold
Against vicious winds

December 22, 2009

Celestial sphere
Magnificently glowing
Radiating warmth

Crown of the Heavens
An orb of the purest gold
A shimmering fire

The Source of All Life
Warms the body and spirit
This shining nimbus

December 21, 2009

Crystalline fracture
The frozen air tears open
This blinding white sky

Crystal by crystal
The layers build on themselves
Other movement stops

Chasm in the sky
Green and brown now fades to white
Yawning wide it falls

Step by chiming step
The frozen stillness of ice
Cracks apart like music



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