The Daily Haiku

A world of five - seven - five. At one time daily, now kind of sporadic.

June 24, 2009

Current theme: W is for Wings

For ABC Wednesday

Staring at the sky
This wishful thinking holds ground
In my realm of dreams

The clouds that pass by
A chirping Cardinal sings
Hoping, I look up

White shadow that glides
Like a calm breeze in Summer
Fade to a stillness

Those great wings unfurl
Stretch and spread in the Sun
Framing a halo

Reaching out, upward
So near and so far away
Always out of reach

Earth-bound, still hoping
For one day to soar above
With wings of my own

June 17, 2009

Current theme: V is for Valhalla (Norse Mythology)

For ABC Wednesday

The Hall of the Slain
Five hundred and forty doors
Lined with shields and spears

The Valkyries will ride
Across blasted battlefields
Searching for the dead

Dying in battle
Glorious end for a Viking
Then to be chosen

Become Einherjar
Ascending to Valhalla
Chosen warrior

Each door of the hall
Will host eight hundred of them
Always preparing

For the last battle
The battle called Ragnarok
When the hosts stream forth

And then Great Valhöll
Will resound with emptiness
Halls barren of souls

June 16, 2009

Current theme: Shadow

It's like my shadow
The memories of lost days
Forever present

Twists in my shadow
Ever moving changing shape
New directions call

Become my shadow
Adapting to the unknown
While remembering

I am my shadow
Insubstantial yet constant

June 15, 2009

Current theme: Pain

Sharp twinge in the knee
Feels like a blade in the joint

The run and the spike
Moving to protect the net
Something must have wrenched?

June 10, 2009

Current theme: U is for Unseelie Court (Fairy Mythology)

For ABC Wednesday

Domain of Winter
The treacherous and deadly
Hold court in shadows

Twisted generations
The Queen of Air and Darkness
Mischief and turmoil

Raid through nighted lands
Similar to the Wild Hunt
Beware Traveller

If caught by the Host
Torture and madness ensue
Avoid the Unseelie

June 8, 2009

Current theme: Thinking

The innovation
Build upon knowledge to grow
Asked then ostrasized

A thought to expand
Build to a new direction
Yet the narrow view wins

June 3, 2009

Current theme: T is for Temporary

For ABC Wednesday

A transient term
Temporary transgression
To take all this time

To tame the thoughtform
And turn this terrible trait
I must not tarry

This tale thins away
Toil through the tangled thought
Transcribe this treatise!