The Daily Haiku

A world of five - seven - five. At one time daily, now kind of sporadic.

May 27, 2009

Current theme: S is for Seth (from Egyptian Mythology)

For ABC Wednesday

Under the bright Sun
The Upper Kingdom will thrive
Partake of the sand

In the baking heat
The treachery soon unfolds
Jealous Seth watches

Osiris and Isis
In happiness rule the land
Until the murder

Seth acts his fury
And dismembers his brother
The couple parted

Isis now searches
Scour the Kingdom far and wide
To reassemble

The dismembered corpse
Osiris now mummified
Rules the Underworld

But the couple's son,
Horus, desires justice
Avenge his father

A battle to control
Horus' Lower Kingdom
Seth's Upper Kingdom

In the last battle
Horus almost destroys Seth
But is stopped by Isis

Seth finally relents
And Horus gains control
Of the Two Kingdoms

May 20, 2009

Current theme: R is for Ragnarok (from Norse Mythology)

For ABC Wednesday

Horn of warning sounds
The final battle draws nigh
Begins Ragnarok

Rivers red with blood
The last stand of the Old Gods
Worlds torn asunder

But through the end time
Two hide and survive it all
Lif and Lifthrasir

Blessed by morning dew
Their descendents will rebuild
And the world goes on

May 19, 2009

Current theme: Azure Skies

Azure skies beckon
A vast blue and bright expanse
In all directions

Optimistic soul
Urged by the celestial
Light above this world

May 14, 2009

Current theme: There Is No Spoon

Look between the lines
And see the empty spaces
Filled with everything

Symbolic constructs
Metaphors to existence
Gather the knowledge

Patterns and meanings
The messages in Nature
There to understand

May 13, 2009

Current theme: Q is for Quetzalcoatl (from Olmec/Aztec/Mayan Mythology)

For ABC Wednesday

Domain of knowledge
The god of the morning star
Illuminates man

Wise Quetzalcoatl
He of the feathered serpent
Death and rebirth

The constant cycle
Now basking in the fifth sun
We, the fifth mankind

"Precious Feather Snake"
Teacher of civilization
Bringer of reason

May 12, 2009

Current theme: I got nothing

An empty mindset
This quiet dissolution
Words with no meaning

May 8, 2009

Current theme: Small Break

Almost a three-day
Celebrate birthdays also
Mother's Day of course!

May 7, 2009

Current theme: Sky Spirit

Roar the angry sky
Plaintive wail of frustration
Clouds crack asunder

Torn from the torrent
Split by a glowing sickle
Arcing through the void

Biting the green soul
Deafening splintered life
It falls to pieces

May 6, 2009

Current theme: P is for Persephone (from Greek Mythology)

For ABC Wednesday

Change of the seasons
Descent and rise through the path
to the underworld

Beware what you eat
Take food of the other realm
Only to remain

Six months of the year
Goddess of the Underworld
Then of the Harvest

May 5, 2009

Current theme: Click

Overflow in the circuit
'Click' goes the breaker

May 4, 2009

Current theme: Tao

Avoid all conflict
Move with the flow of Nature
Detached yet active

Always find humor
Even in the dark moments
Humanistic life

Change inner viewpoint
Let the positive outweigh
The negative mind

Never grow stagnant
Each trial an opportunity
To grow and evolve