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K is for Kona Coffee

For ABC Wednesday

Kona Coffee
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Light and the Sea

Light and the Sea
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The Black Cat

The Black Cat


Starting to think of new and interesting methods for doing haikus since the original daily then weekly then monthly became a bit uninspired for me. So now I present, picture haiku:

Mauna Loa

September 3, 2009

Current theme: F is for Fenrisulfr, G is for Garmr (Both Norse Mythology)

For ABC Wednesday

Garmr, faithful hound
Guardian of the gate down
Odhinn meets in Nifhel

Faithful hound of Hel
Makes Odhinn's arrival known
Watchful and alert

When Ragnarok comes
Garmr howls in black fury
The wolf breaks its chain

Fenrisulfr roams free
The bond Gleipnir is shattered
The wolf desires blood

His jaw scrapes the ground
His mouth devours the sky
This wolf of slaughter

On the field of battle
Odhinn rides to match the wolf
Old One-Eye will fall

With a massive gulp
Fenrir eats the All-Father
The High One is gone

Then comes Odhinn's son
Vidarr faces the Fen Dweller
And battle ensues

With one mighty foot
The wolf's lower jaw is pinned
Vidarr exacts revenge

Grasping the upper jaw
He tears its head apart
Loki's son is gone

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