The Daily Haiku

A world of five - seven - five. At one time daily, now kind of sporadic.

March 31, 2009

Current theme: Blue Skies

Azure atmosphere
This wide unending expanse
So calm and sunny

March 30, 2009

Current theme: Thunderstorm

Echoes of the roar
Beyond the flashing white arc
Pellets of hail fall

The uneasy calm
Torrential downpour muffles
The distant thunder

March 25, 2009

Current theme: J is for Jacinth

For ABC Wednesday

Red form of Zircon
Also used as refractory
Beautiful gemstone

March 24, 2009

Current theme: Chinese Magnolias

A dual color style
Yet both angular and smooth
Still not quite correct

March 23, 2009

Current theme: Cherry Blossoms

Outlining the scene
The paper accepts the paint
Many layered wash

March 19, 2009

Current theme: Cherry Blossoms

Delicate petals
Blooms the world in white and pink
Creates tasty fruit!

My current subject
For painting with light colors
Still so much to learn

March 18, 2009

Current theme: I is for Igneous

For ABC Wednesday

Cooling the magma
The liquid stone then hardens
To make a new stone

Beneath the surface
The Plutonic Igneous
Untouched by the air

Above the surface
The Volcanic Igneous
Beware eruption!

March 17, 2009

Current theme: Green

Green, like the Northern Seas
Like the coniferous trees
Maybe like green tea?

Green, these smiling eyes
Staring into those blue skies
High as the crow flies

March 16, 2009

Current theme: Migraine

The tension headache
Evolved to something worse
The dreaded migraine

March 13, 2009

Current theme: Tao Te Ching

Just go with the flow
Observe the natural order
With humility

March 12, 2009

Current theme: Coffee

Liquid mind starter
Yet addicting and tasteful
Drives my morning push

March 11, 2009

Current theme: H is for Halo

For ABC Wednesday

Nimbus of the gods
Unearthly light cleanses all
Burn away the corrupt

Enlighten the divine
Ascend through inner harmony
At one with Nature

March 10, 2009

Current theme: Mist

Breathing a moist cloud
Permeates through all matter
A strange form of Spring

March 9, 2009

Current theme: Rain

The misty grey skies
Eyes closed to the possibilities
A cold driving rain