The Daily Haiku

A world of five - seven - five. At one time daily, now kind of sporadic.

February 19, 2009

Current theme: Big News

Now for the first time
I've sold two of my paintings
At an auction

Such a weird feeling
Small point of recognition
Hopefully just begun

February 18, 2009

Current theme: E is for Eddas

For ABC Wednesday

Nordic Poetry
Mythology collected
Lifetime of stories

February 16, 2009

Current theme: Creation

The birthplace of stars
Interstellar nursery
Glowing nebulae

Cold gasses coalesce
Gravity begets pressure
And the star ignites

February 12, 2009

Current theme: Calligraphy

Each flick of the brush
The movement of character
Lines become symbols

February 11, 2009

Current theme: D is for Dreams

For ABC Wednesday

Worlds shrouded in mists
Laws of nature do not apply
Imagery unfolds

The symbolism
Running rampant in dream-worlds
Search for the meaning

Through stories within the dreams
Empowers the soul

February 7, 2009

Current theme: C is for Chaotic

For ABC Wednesday

Moves twisting, latticed
Spiderweb of changing thoughts
Adapting to chaos

Each breath an echo
Ethereal wave of spirit
Evolving chaos

Blossoming dissonance
Illusory existence
Natural chaos

February 6, 2009

Current theme: Reflective

Water in the glass
Disorder forced into form
Clear, still, and silent

February 5, 2009

Current theme: Fell

Aches and pains, alert
Body tightened after sleep
My leg and hip bruised

Foul villianous Ice!
Enemy forever-more
The Sun shall melt you!

February 4, 2009

Current theme: Fell

Insidious freeze
Slipped on a patch of black ice
And then ate asphalt

February 3, 2009

Current theme: Storm

The snow is falling
The world slowly shifts to pale
Blotting out the color

I hope the movement stops
Let the quietness ring out
Blanket the landscape

February 2, 2009

Current theme: A Difficult Skill

The thin rice paper
To mount and back a painting
A glue made of flour

The process is short
But extremely fragile
Drying time is long