The Daily Haiku

A world of five - seven - five. At one time daily, now kind of sporadic.

December 15, 2008

Current theme: Quiet Chill

Coldness on the skin
Hair bristles from the shiver
The heat extinguished

Quiet calm of night
The silence overpowers
Old sluggish senses

Ice crystals forming
Of one lone breath in the air
Slowly exhaling

Frozen cloud rises
Blurring the yellow streetlamp
Translucent light folds

Waivers and darkens
The light fades into the night
Like a wisp of thought

Step by silent step
Except for the muted sound
Of snow under boots

Barren old streets
Struggle through the long cold night
And yet we wander

Procession of souls
Lost, desolate, forgotten
Ever-watching, guarding

Keepers of Winter
Spirits of the frozen earth
Walking through the Quiet

December 10, 2008

Current theme: U is for Umbrella

For ABC Wednesday Round 3

A rainy wednesday
Run in-between the rain drops
Or use an umbrella!

Soft torrent of sound
As the rain hits the canvas
Almost hypnotic

December 9, 2008

Current theme: Feeling Stagnant

Stuck in the routine
It threatens my sanity
Need to shake it up

Maybe it is time
To rise above the old thought
Back into the scene

December 8, 2008

Current theme: Hiatus Over

Back up on my feet
Face basking in the sunlight
Warmth of creation

December 3, 2006

Current theme: T is for Torment

For ABC Wednesday Round 3

The cough, hack, and wheeze
Sickness brings me to my knees
Breathing through the vile

(If this was 'W', W would be for Whine... ;-P )