The Daily Haiku

A world of five - seven - five. At one time daily, now kind of sporadic.

April 24, 2008

Current theme: Drive

Everyone has a vice
Or a motivation to
Push forward through life

Sex, drugs, rock and roll,
Family, power, love, hate,
Revenge, betterment.

What is it that pulls
You through this morass of life?
What drives you onward?

April 23, 2008

Current theme: A General Malaise

Listless and tired
A lack of motivation
Was it the turkey?

Zero energy
Feeling like so much dead weight
Need to resupply

April 21, 2008

Current theme: A Windy Day

Spirals of movement
Trees swaying to the rhythm
Of breezes released

April 18, 2008

Current theme: Revenge via Alighieri's Circles

Brimstone atmosphere
The founts of the hellish plains
Enraged in the chaos

Penance for the selfish
Submerged in acidic craters
To burn and reform

April 17, 2008

Current theme: Tranquility

Deepening shadows
Overtaking sensation
Loss of the senses

Eerie blackness reigns
A cool chill of the nothing

Senses adjusting
Environment permeates
Awareness expands

April 16, 2008

Current theme: Tranquility

A calming music
The sound of a babbling brook
The stress melts away

April 14, 2008

Current theme: Imagine

As the clouds roll by
I see stories in the skies
Images in my eyes

Orange in the sunrise
Growing blue as the time flies
Eyes adjust to night

Ghosts against the sky
Illuminated in moonlight
Imitating life

April 11, 2008

Current theme: Daily?

Once per day? Yeah, right.
I'll write when I feel like it.
The Infrequent Haiku! :)

April 8, 2008

Current theme: Ill-motivated

Stare at the paper
No images form in my sight
No ink to create

Blank lifeless paper
You mock me with your stillness
The brushes stay dry

Cold empty paper
Lack of creativity
Artistic blockage

Image ghosts paper
I almost see a vestige
Of all creation

April 4, 2008

Current theme: Cardinal

The cardinal perched
On the branch of the pine tree
Looking for some seed

A quick gust of wind
The branch swayed, the needles twitch
The cardinal left

April 2, 2008

Current theme: Sunshine

The clouds dissipate
As the rain slips away
Sunshine overhead

April 1, 2008

Current theme: Futhark

Twenty-four methods
Each a possibility
Each a point of light

In three groups of eight
Each Aettir beckons knowledge
Each carving empowers