The Daily Haiku

A world of five - seven - five. At one time daily, now kind of sporadic.

February 29, 2008

Current theme: The Leap Year

This one extra day
It's the day of the leap year
Imperfect time kept

February 28, 2008

Current theme: Solar Pillar

A fountain of light
Extending out from the Sun
These Solar Pillars

Sunrise or sunset
Sunlight reflects off ice crystals
High in the atmosphere

February 27, 2008

Current theme: Clouds

Whitened clouds become
Images in the blue sky
Creating beauty

February 20, 2008

Current theme: Fury of the Storm

Storm clouds hold the sky
Torrent of the pouring rain
Fury of the Gods

Brilliant, blinding flash
Lightning arcs across the sky
Echoes out the roar

Thunder bellows on high
Timid hearts shake in their hovels
Fearing Nature's wrath

Out in the maelstrom
The strong embrace the fury
Of the howling winds

The chaos lessens
As the storm journeys on
To more distant lands

Crisp, wet, and clean air
A rainbow blesses the world
Beauty born from chaos

The grass seems more green
All colors more vibrant, after
The Fury of the Storm

February 19, 2008

Current theme: Metamorpheses

Ovid's retelling of Greek myths
Christianity had Rome

It got him banished
The Emporer was angered
Pagan uprising

February 14, 2008

Current theme: Valentine's Day

So I need to know
Who the hell was Saint Valentine?
And what did he do

I have my doubts now
That it has anything to do
With this commercial day

February 13, 2008

Current theme: Bad Weather

Temperatures rise
The ice and snow turns to slush
A messy commute

February 12, 2008

Current theme: Bad Weather

Freezing rain falling
Such a slippery ordeal
Hate to drive in it

February 5, 2008

Current theme: The Haunting

The strangness dismays
The pictured ghosts rearrange
The lost are displayed

Sleeping in the bed
Pressure pressing downwards
The sheets become taught

Frantic mind, cold sweat
An icy grip on the heart

Bed spins to ninety
A greenish light pervades all
Putrid miasma

Faint, distant screaming
The walls are dripping with blood
Darkness chills the skin

The shadows twisting
They're snaking across the floor
Sick smell of sulphur

Howling of the dead
Undeniable lust for blood
Scratching of the nails

As the banshee wails
The corpselight takes its own flesh
And the house grows quiet