The Daily Haiku

A world of five - seven - five. At one time daily, now kind of sporadic.

November 30, 2007

Current theme: Tired

Sometimes I can't sleep
A restless mind troubles me
Contemplating all

November 29, 2007

Current theme: Snow

Some snow on Sunday?
Could Winter really be here?
Can I keep dreaming?

November 28, 2007

Current theme: Turkey Day

Turkey Day Vaca.!
Sadly, now it is over
Back to boring work

November 21, 2007

Current theme: Turkey Day

Turkey and gravy
Mashed potatoes and dressing
Speckkuchens, oh yeah!

November 20, 2007

Current theme: Thirst For Knowledge

Read through the stories
Information becomes me
This thirst never ends

November 19, 2007

Current theme: Purposeless?

Stumble through the night
Blindly flailing for a guide
Still walking onward

November 16, 2007

Current theme: Weird Dreams

That unhinges when sleeping
And of its own mind

November 14, 2007

Current theme: Fog

Misty encasement
A white haze that covers all
Are we in the Moors?

November 13, 2007

Current theme: Star Charts

The right ascension
Combined with declination
How to find a star

November 12, 2007

Current theme: Binoculars

Some binoculars
Good beginner star-gazing
A decent power?


November 9, 2007

Current theme: Limited Edition

Ordered a L.E.
Reprint of an album by
Killing Joke, all right!

November 8, 2007

Current theme: Sleep

Recharged and ready
My mind is sharp and pointed
Ever so aware

November 7, 2007

Current theme: Sleep

Hazy thoughts lessen
The realm of consciousness passes
As the sleep takes hold

November 6, 2007

Current theme: The Wind

The wind in the trees
The rustling of the leaves
The feeling calms me

November 5, 2007

Current theme: The Wind

A cool wind blowing
As November marches on
And I feel alive

October 30, 2007 - November 1, 2007

Current theme: Halloween

Ghosts, goblins, and ghouls
The day of trick or treating
Has come upon us

But do not forget
The real reason of these days
For now it begins

The veil of realms thins
The dark half of the year starts
Samhain has arrived