The Daily Haiku

A world of five - seven - five. At one time daily, now kind of sporadic.

October 31, 2008

Current theme: Halloween / Samhain

The ghouls and goblins
Searching to gather their treats
Or maybe a trick?

October 30, 2008

Current theme: Devil's Night

Evening of mischief
Devil's night has arisen
An ominous night

October 29, 2008

Current theme: O is for Orion

For ABC Wednesday Round 3

Picture in the sky
Constellation of the Hunter
He faces the Bull

One found in the belt
Interesting nebulae
One in the shoulder

October 28, 2008

Current theme: In The Haze

Shadows in the mist
Do they really speak the truth?
And will they serve us?

Will they serve themselves?
Continue the corruption?
Dismantle freedom?

Voting for some change...
Voting to keep the old guard...
How does it matter?

Electoral College
Can vote their own decision
Ignore our wishes

October 27, 2008

Current theme: In The Haze

Mixing the liquor
A warm potent concoction
The senses went numb

October 24, 2008

Current theme: Slowdown

Sometimes the words quit
The descriptions that I seek
These thoughts unwritten

October 22, 2008

Current theme: N is for Novocaine

For ABC Wednesday Round 3

Removed two molars
And I did not feel a thing
The Novocaine works!

Now it's been one day
Soreness in my jaw persists
Difficult to eat

October 15, 2008

Current theme: A whole swarm of M's

For ABC Wednesday Round 3

M is for Makuahine, Makuakane

Hawaiian word for 'Mother'
Warm enlightenment
(pronounced Mah-Koo-Ah-Hee-Nay)

Hawaiian word for 'Father'
Solid foundation
(pronounced Mah-Koo-Ah-Kah-Nay)

M is for Metamorphoses

Poem collection
By the Roman poet, Ovid
Saving the Greek Myths

And banished from Rome
'Caused more harm than poetry'
Speak against Augustus?

M is for Michelle

My sister of blood
One of the three that drives me
Our backs to the sun

October 14, 2008

Current theme: Azurite and Malachite

Green and blue paintings
Distinct style of Old China
Ores ground to pigment

October 13, 2008

Current theme: Mr. Bean

A whole marathon
Of humorous witty skits
Funny Mr. Bean!

October 10, 2008

Current theme: Contemplating

Time for a new car?
Thinking about an Accord
Only time will tell

October 9, 2008

Current theme: Beggin' Strips

It's bacon bacon!
What's in the bag? I can't read!
Bacon, mmmm, bacon!

That commercial is great. :)

October 8, 2008

Current theme: L is for Lazy

Certain duties and desires
Avoid the rat race

Melt into the chair
Relax from this hectic life
Tired but driven

Never enough time
To 'stop and smell the roses'
So I will make time

For ABC Wednesday Round 3

October 6, 2008

Current theme: Redline

Negatives compound
This system is corrupted
Need revolution

October 3, 2008

Current theme: Days Pass

The words grow quiet
As the lines fade into grey
Silence deafening

October 2, 2008

Current theme: Through the ink

Markings on the page
Image forms from running ink
Ink and wash method

October 1, 2008

Current theme: K is for Knight

Signals of assault
Defense of the land is called
Warriors summoned

Banners on the field
Battle drums signal the march
Armies in dawn's light

Heavy armor rides
Advancing to the front line
The Knight meets battle

Singing of the blade
Enemy falls to ruin
His spirit set free

Honor his Liege Lord
His courage will never fail
The Knight presses on

For ABC Wednesday Round 3