The Daily Haiku

A world of five - seven - five. At one time daily, now kind of sporadic.

March 31, 2008

Current theme: The Torment

Confusion fusion
Words and actions that don't mesh
Walking in sidestep

Close the connection
Rebuilding of the shell-skin
And watch the next wave

March 26, 2008

Current theme: Standing Tall

That which does not kill us
Will only make us stronger
Rise to the conflict

Fight the controlling
The insipid, the betrayers
Strike out of desire

The desire to reach
Above the petty drama
And selfish viewpoints

March 24, 2008

Current theme: Quiet

No sounds and no noise
No percussive reactions
These quiet moments

March 19, 2008

Current theme: Rain

Cold and steady stream
Falling from a grey void sky
Color saps from all

March 17, 2008

Current theme: Cut Away

Such is the answer
When anger outlives reason
The heart falls away

Now must rise above
These wings finally outstretched
Yet still looking back

March 7, 2008

Current theme: Moliere's Tartuffe

Vices as virtues
Preach the good, do evil
Wolf in sheep's clothing

March 6, 2008

Current theme: Astral Eyes

I sense you watching
My triumphs and tragedies
Angel or vulture?

I am vulnerable
To your machinations now
Helpful or hurtful?

Will you protect me?
Or will you persecute me?
Divine or Infernal?

March 4, 2008

Current theme: Robin on a Fence

Little Spring Robin
I see you perched on that fence
Looking for a bug

March 2, 2008

Current theme: An Unknown Sphere of Influence

Her eyes are watching me
From vistas still left unseen
Boring through the void

The faint luminance
Of consciousness departed
Holds me in its thrall