The Daily Haiku

A world of five - seven - five. At one time daily, now kind of sporadic.

September 30, 2005

Driving down the road,
Pick-up truck with high lights lit
Follows close behind.

My road rage rises,
in tandem with my desire
to own a big gun.


September 29, 2005

White wispy fingers,
Majestically contrasts
Against a deep blue.

September 28, 2005

My crystalized breath
Greets me this chilly morning.
I enjoy the chill.

September 27, 2005

Heavy pouring rain,
An ocean falls from the sky.
The storm rages on.

September 26, 2005

The water rises,
The canal is full of life,
Then the water ebbs.

September 25, 2005

Bagpipes haunt the wind,
A dirge this Sunday morning.
Eerie melody.

September 24, 2005

Ink splatters paper
A sansuiga creation
Landscape comes alive

September 23, 2005

Cloudy morning sky,
I sometimes wish I could fly
Soaring way up high.

As I fly so high,
Show me what secrets you hide,
Cloudy morning sky.

September 22, 2005

Oak, Pine, and Maple swaying
in a shared rhythm.

September 21, 2005

Whirlwind of dry leaves,
A cool breath creates the dance
of Autumn's essence.

September 20, 2005

A workplace morning,
pushing to finish this crap.
Need better projects.

September 19, 2005

A two-day migraine,
pain unimagineable.
Must find an escape.

and the 18ths:
This is a day late,
but I do not really care.
I'm feeling better.

September 17, 2005

Constricting threshold,
This pain pounding in my head.
Headache, go away.

September 16, 2005

Ominous cloudbanks
foretell the coming tempest;
The dirge of summer.

September 15, 2005

Torrential downpour,
Soaking gift from Ophelia.
Inundating rain.

September 14, 2005

The light-bringer calls,
Marks a message of movement.
Rise to the summons.

September 13, 2005

Night-breaker rises,
The cycle begins anew,
This sleeping world stirs.

September 12, 2005

Stand fast and stand strong,
Just like the mighty Oak tree
facing a dire gale.

September 11, 2005

In this desert that
I call my soul, I'll always
play the starring role.

- The Police "So Lonely"

September 10, 2005

Double Entendre
Dual meaning within a word;
Poetic device.

September 09, 2005

Arid, rainless skies,
The ground is parched and thirsty.
Wish for thunderstorms.

September 08, 2005

Mist lays in the field;
Covering the ground in a
wispy, ghostly haze.

September 07, 2005

Cup of warm cocoa
Warms the heart on a cool day;
Need more marshmallows!

September 06, 2005

Roaring up the street,
Hotrod, someone's souped up car.
Roaring fades away.

September 05, 2005

Sing! Little bird, sing!
Tell all the world your stories,
and all of your hopes.

September 04, 2005

Quiet breeze blows through
the window in my bedroom,
Papers greet the floor.

September 03, 2005

Crickets chirping loud
Awakes me in the morning;
Still I wish to sleep.

September 02, 2005

A canvas of clouds,
Golden flecked indigo sky
On this cool morning.

September 01, 2005

Songbird sings softly
Against the dimly lit sky;
A dirge for Summer.